Go West Coaching Living life with a Plan
Go West CoachingLiving life with a Plan

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Tim West

   Just a little bit about myself, I have lived in Augusta Georgia since I was 8 years old, I am a Christian, and there is nothing I love to do more than what Jesus did, help others.   I have discovered that God will put you through a training program that will get you there and He will get you in great shape while training you. The gospel of Jesus Christ has made it possible for me to pursue enjoying Him, eternally, instead of living a life to try and please God. Christ has eternally pleased God, and I am in Christ.

     I first noticed that I had an interest in personal finance when I needed help in it and I was tired of living the way I thought I had to, paycheck to paycheck. I started, reading studying and listening to everything I could on personal finance and I discovered, God knows more about it than anyone else does.

     When I started learning and working these financial principles it led, after 15 years in a major nuclear facility, me to the point to go to work for myself, which in itself has a major learning curve. Our purpose is not to make a living, but to make a life. We can get caught up in making a living and miss a life enjoying God and what He has given us. My former pastor once told me “show me a self-made man and I will show you the worthlessness of cheap labor.” That is offensive to someone who thinks they have earned “it.” I thought I had earned it!! I worked hard and did all the right stuff and followed the correct principles.  But Christ has given me much more than I could or would have ever earned. I am thankful He did not give me what I earned!!   I am a Dave Ramsey Certified financial counselor.  I am also a Dan Miller 48 days endorsed career coach. You are always self-employed no matter who writes your check. God owns it all and we work with Him if we are in Christ. He doesn’t need anyone to work for Him, He is self-sufficient, and He lets us work with Him. I am also the youth pastor at Grace Fellowship of Augusta, head of financial ministries and on the eldership board.  I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful woman of God and as my great grandfather John Holt said "It is well known that there can never be a substitute for a worthy Godly woman."  I have one beautiful daughter who has me spoiled of course, and I enjoy her more than I can say.  You can call me a financial coach, career coach, financial counselor, career counselor, Jesus freak or whatever you like, but I want to be known for helping others in their lives.  So don’t wait- discover how to live life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. God paid a lot for us to enjoy Him do let’s start now!!


Go West Coaching mission statement is: To reveal Jesus and build Gods Kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit in financial management and career coaching. We will do this by the freedom given to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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