Go West Coaching Living life with a Plan
Go West CoachingLiving life with a Plan

Financial Coaching Services

Instantly this is what you will receive from financial coaching:

1.            Learn how to get out of debt and stay debt free in 24 months or less( excluding home). As stated earlier, we will not sell you investments or computer software that make debt “disappear.”

2.            We will create a written game plan for you and your family for your monthly income.  Your income is your largest wealth-building asset you have.  The average American family earns 40,000.00 per year. Over a 30-year working life, that’s 1.2 million dollars going through someone’s hands.  We will purposely tell your money where you want it to go instead of wondering where it went!

3.            Go West Coaching will help you determine insurance needs for home owners, auto, life, disability, health, etc.

4.            If you want to purchase a home or you’re having problems with mortgage, credit card collections, or debt collectors, we will empower you and teach you how to deal with them and develop a plan to solve the issues, based on your individual situation.

5.            We will plan out your college savings for children, and a retirement plan so you can retire comfortably.  We will give you a plan to save for retirement and plan for college or future life changes.



    A coaching session consist of  your necessary completed financial forms, which I will provide, completed and returned to me 48 hours before our first meeting.  The first session will be 2 hours in which we will formulate your plan and instruct you on how to implement it.  We will have limited email and phone conversation within the total 90 day period and have the first follow up session within 60 days which will be 1 hour.  We will have a final follow up session at 90 days to address any concerns and deal with any new issues that may arise.  The total 90 day period may vary due to scheduling conflicts and any special needs. If you are ready to learn how to get on a budget, deal with creditors, save money and build wealth. No matter if you are in a crisis situation or want to stop living paycheck to paycheck act now!

You may ask if coaching is a good fit for you. Ask yourself this: Is your current financial situation a good fit for you? Are you ready to put the energy and effort into the rest of your life to get the results you desire? If so coaching will be a good fit!


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