Go West Coaching Living life with a Plan
Go West CoachingLiving life with a Plan

Making Your Money Word: Personal Finance Class

Our personal finance class is a great class to learn how to tell your money what to do instead of the lack of money telling you what to do in life.  We will come to your business, church, civic group and even your home group to work with you.  We will cover six different areas of money management and teach you not only what to do but show you how to implement it in your life.  This class is a great benefit to give your employees and your church members.  This class is very flexible because we can format it a three hour session or a six week course. 


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We now offer for individuals and businesses the DISC personality profile. Instead of wondering if the personality of a new hire would fit your team, give the the DISC personality profile to get an accurate fit and see how to best use them to work on your team.  Contact Go West Coaching. Phone 706-840-0992

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