Go West Coaching Living life with a Plan
Go West CoachingLiving life with a Plan

Insurance-Life, Disability, Health


 If you need quality health insurance to supplement your, high deductible plan or your christian sharing plan this is it. Safeguard health is ACA compliant and covers your preventive medical needs, such as colonoscopy, mammogram, etc, 100% as well as some doctors office visits with a 35.00 copay. Call me 706-840-0992 or email for further information, you can sign up here or find more information. http://www.1enrollment.com/index.cfm?id=357288&fbclid=IwAR3rg6Fk-A2b7P7L4Z5cmv1MjF6QU9_5ehG8GDAbtga_AYMXmrl0_js3_BA

We now offer for individuals and businesses the DISC personality profile. Instead of wondering if the personality of a new hire would fit your team, give the the DISC personality profile to get an accurate fit and see how to best use them to work on your team.  Contact Go West Coaching. Phone 706-840-0992

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