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Laid off Checklist

Laid off Checklist
Ten Steps of action if you become unemployed
Laid off checklist.doc
Microsoft Word document [25.0 KB]

Financial Resources

Quicke Budget
Microsoft Excel sheet [18.5 KB]
Montly Budget Form
Microsoft Excel sheet [56.5 KB]
Detailed Budget
Budget 2.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [93.0 KB]
College Savings
Microsoft Excel sheet [22.0 KB]
Income Source Spreadsheet
Income sourcesweb.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [25.0 KB]
Lump Sum Planning Spreadsheet
Lump sum planning.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [25.5 KB]
Fair tax calculator
See what you could be paying with the fair tax calculator.
Copy of FairTaxCalculator.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [45.0 KB]

Quickie Budget

Glossary for common financial terms
Adobe Acrobat document [104.5 KB]
Yearly goal sheet
Goals ws.doc
Microsoft Word document [53.5 KB]

Yearly Goal Sheet Nerd Version

Family Emergency Instruction Document

Recommended Reading

We now offer for individuals and businesses the DISC personality profile. Instead of wondering if the personality of a new hire would fit your team, give the the DISC personality profile to get an accurate fit and see how to best use them to work on your team.  Contact Go West Coaching. Phone 706-840-0992

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